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Application of phytocomposition Uroprovit in complex treatment of chronic cystitis in women.

Rossikhin V.V., Bukhmin A.V., Megera V.V.

Phytocomposition application Uroprovit in the composition complex therapy of women with recurrent MI leads to a decrease clinical manifestations of the disease , relief of dysuria, which occurs at an earlier date. There is also a decrease in the frequency recurrence . The results of the application of the phytocomposition Uroprovit in complex treatment of chronic cystitis indicates the possibility the use of this composition in women, its high efficiency and security.

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Features of cardioprotection using the Neorescin-Q10 complex.

Rekovets O.L.

Neorescin-Q10 is indeed a three-vector drug with an evidence base for cardioprotection . Neorescin-Q10 is indicated for primary and secondary prevention of CV risks. Resveratrol (150 mg) reduces myocardial damage in patients with CV disease and after chemotherapy (the safety of this molecule is recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration, FDA); omega ‑3 PUFA (50 mg) has a cardioprotective effect and normalizes the psycho-emotional state; coenzyme Q10 has been proven to increase physical endurance, positively affects the lipid spectrum.

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New approaches to prophylaxis of endometrium hyperplasia relaps in premenopausal women.

Beniuk V.A., Ginzburg V.G., Govsieeiv D.A., Oleshko V.F., Kovaliuk T.V., Kravchenko Yu.V., Luchko A.S.

Inclusion of the drug Depapilin to the basic therapy of endometrial hyperplasia in premenopausal women age is pathogenetically justified due to the complex effect components of the drug on the extragonadal synthesis of estrogen, implemented by correcting the level FA and regulation of HC synthesis. This effect helps to compensate for the manifestations of the metabolic syndrome, as evidenced by decrease in women of the main group of the average BMI to 24.1±2.1 kg / m 2 , waist circumference up to 82 ± 5.1 cm, normalization of the average values of the HOMA index and blood pressure

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