About us

About us

Ozymuk Pharm successfully started its activities in 2019. Today it is a successful company, whose products are in the TOP-5 companies on the Ukrainian market in the respective segments. Based on data from PharmXplorer November 2022 (dietary supplements containing indole-3-carbinol)


Ozymuk Pharm is a 100% Ukrainian company.

The main purpose of Ozymuk Pharm is to provide the Ukrainian consumer with the most effective dietary supplements and high quality medical products. Therefore, in its activities, the company cooperates with the most trusted suppliers of raw materials from the USA, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Dietary supplements sold by the company are aimed at preventing diseases of various conditions in the field of gynecology, urology, therapy, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, and cardiology.


Our main goal is to provide you with high-quality, safe and affordable European-style drugs. All the company's brands contain a European basis and have proven themselves as the drugs of choice.

The main values of Ozymuk Pharm are formed in three key components:



Efficiency and reliability in the company's product portfolio, which allows providing patients with high-quality dietary supplements



Quality control at all stages of production in cooperation with the company's partners



Reliability and honesty in relations with employees creates comfortable working conditions and respectful treatment

In its activities, Ozymuk Pharm is based on 4 main principles:

  • Human life and health are the main indicators of Ozymuk activity Pharm
  • Social responsibility in forming relationships with patients, employees and partners
  • Equality and fairness when working with company employees
  • Virtue and transparency in dealing with suppliers and partners

The Ukrainian company Ozymuk Pharm supports social initiatives and initiates programs and projects to improve the quality of life of Ukrainians


partner LLC "BADM" guarantees the preservation of the quality of medicinal products at the stage of distribution from receipt from the supplier to transfer to the client. A team of professionals works at the pharmacy warehouses of BADM LLC, which provides high-quality input control and quality control during storage. The material and technical base of BADM LLC provides the necessary conditions for the storage of medicines
partner Represents the highest quality pharmaceutical products on the market. Working with existing and future clients is based on their needs and market trends. JV "Optima-Pharm, LTD" - "we provide service and excellent quality of products that we supply, thereby improving the society in which we live and work. we build partnerships with our clients”


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