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Ukrainian company Ozymuk Pharm works within the framework of socially responsible implementation strategies. Adhering to principles of corporate ethics and responsible consumption, the company implements social initiatives and projects.

All-Ukrainian program "Strong Health" is a social project aimed at supporting the health of patients with of Ukraine, patients with diseases of female and male genital organs, cardiovascular system, nervous system digestion, vision and diseases of the thyroid gland.

Under the terms of the "Strong Health" social program, the patient has the opportunity to purchase Ozymuk Pharm products for the producer's social price. To purchase a product at the manufacturer's social price, the patient must enter special promo code on the product page.

The following products are included in the program:

When ordering from 3 packages, delivery is free.

The conditions of the program are subject to change at the discretion of the organizer.

In case of any questions regarding the conditions of the Program, a consultation can be obtained by phone: +38 (067) 413 58 84