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Femiril (Suppositories_#10)

Safe vaginal antiseptic

Price: 400 ₴

General information

  • Recommended for the purpose of providing a local anti-inflammatory effect in the organs of the small pelvis. 
  • Contributes to the elimination of spasms
  • Provides a local anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect in the organs of the small pelvis


  • oleic extract of walnut leaves – 150 mg (mg),
  • oil extract of calendula flowers – 60 mg (mg),
  • oil extract of sea buckthorn leaves – 50 mg (mg),
  • oil extract of tricolor violet flowers – 25 mg (mg).

Suppository base: polyethylene glycol-1500.

Application method

vaginally or rectally, 1 suppository 2-3 times a day. The suppository is inserted as deeply as possible, having previously freed it from the blister

3 reasons to choose Femiril
a powerful and safe vaginal antiseptic that eliminates the symptoms of vaginitis without burning and atrophy.
Quality guarantee
Quality guarantee
Guaranteed quality of raw materials and international production technologies
Raw materials
Raw materials
High-tech solution of Ozymuk pharm company.

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How much can Femiril be taken?

The course of admission is determined by the doctor. Recommended from 10 days to 30 days or depending on individual characteristics

How is payment made?

Payment is made in the most convenient way for you: by VISA/Mastercard bank card or upon receipt of the order

How is the delivery?

Delivery is carried out by the postal services of Ukraine

What confirms the European quality of raw materials?

All supplements of the company Ozymuk pharm contain European components. This is confirmed by quality certificates presented in the "Certificates" section

What technologies do you use in the production of supplements?

International production technologies are used in the production of dietary supplements