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Burpia #60 (Capsules_#60)

A powerful complex for urolithiasis

Burpia #60
Price: 620 ₴

General information

  • Improves the dissolution of kidney stones and normalization of the functioning of the urinary system
  • Contributes to the antispasmodic effect to facilitate excretion
  • Contributes to the elimination of the products of dysmetabolic nephropathy ("sand"), which prevents the formation kidney stones


  • extract of the common bitter gourd herb – 150 mg(mg)
  • ammi tooth extract – 100 mg(mg)
  • extract of madder roots – 100 mg(mg)
  • extract of horsetail herb — 50 mg(mg)

Application method

adults take 1 capsule 2-3 times a day, regardless of meals

3 reasons to choose Burpia #60
Burpia - highly concentrated complex against kidney disease.
Quality guarantee
Quality guarantee
European raw materials and production technologies.
Raw materials
Raw materials
High-tech solution of Ozymuk pharm.

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All supplements of the company Ozymuk pharm contain European components. This is confirmed by quality certificates presented in the "Certificates" section

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International production technologies are used in the production of dietary supplements