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Health of the nervous system, vision and immune system

Nervistil (Capsules_#30)

A powerful sedative complex with a neuroprotective effect

  • Rapid sedation for a long time
  • Reduction of nervous excitement
  • Protection of neurons from damage
Price: 330 ₴

Оkiaiz (Capsules_#30)

Complex therapy and prevention of eye diseases

  • Recovery and preservation of vision
  • Protection of eyes from dryness during screen loads
  • Improves adaptation of eyes to external changes
Price: 320 ₴

Imuzol -S (Tablets_#36)

A powerful antiviral complex of double action

  • Antiviral, immunomodulatory complex  
  • From day 1, the reproduction of the virus stops
  • Reduction of cardiovascular complications after ARVI, COVID-19
Price: 290 ₴

Tseryvitan (Capsules_#30)

Rapid recovery of blood circulation in the brain

  • Restores memory and attention
  • Improves brain function
  • Reduces dizziness
Price: 300 ₴

Sanivitan (Capsules_#30)

High-dose vitamin D3

  • Decreasing vitamin D3 deficiency
  • Increasing the body's defenses.
  • Normalization of emotional state, condition of skin, hair, bones
Price: 290 ₴

Mahniotsynk (Capsules_#30)

German magnesium

  • Rapidly reduces nervous excitability, stress
  • Increases mental performance, concentration and memory
  • Stabilizes the emotional background for a long period of time
Price: 310 ₴